Protadon Alphabet, Punctuation (and naming…)

This is what happens when it’s two o’clock in the morning and I can’t fall asleep :/

These are the ancient letters of the Prison and what the Protadons once used to communicate. Now, only a handful of people can read and understand it. It’s also the letters shown on a Protadon’s mark.

I didn’t make any uppercase letters, mostly out of laziness, but this should make it possible to write proper sentences. I’ve been writing paragraphs and poems, since it’s a lot of fun.


When it comes to names in the Prison, a creature or person has two given names; one that’s human and one that’s Protadon. Their Protadon names are often made of one prefix and one suffix and are only used by family members and close friends. Their human names, however, are used more by strangers and when insulting people they know.

Popular (not all of them) prefixes:  a,  an,  ab,  ac (as),  ant (ante),  ben,  bi,  co (con, com),  de,  di (dis),  eu,  ex,  mal,  il (ir, im, in),  mis,  o (ob, oc, op),  pro,  re,  se,  tri,  un….

Popular (not all of them) suffixes:  ac,  ade,  al,  an (ian),  ard,  ary,  ble,  cy,  dom,  ed,  eer,  emia,  en (ent),  er (ern),  ful,  fy,  ial (ian),  ily,  ion,  ious,  ling,  ly,  oid,  opia,  or,  sect,  sion,  th,  tion,  tude,  ty,  uar (ular),  ure,  ware,  y….


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