Meet Sebastian!

Full Name: Sebastian Sebian Dalca

Age: Looks 19, (actually around 15 000)

Birth: 10 November, (year unknown)

Sign: Scorpio

Height: 69.2” (175 cm)

Build: Triangle

Hair: Swept back raven hair

Eyes: Dark blue (contacts), Silver (actual)

Occupation: None

Parents: Names are unknown, deceased

Other Family members: Alin (Uncle), Grandmother (name unknown-deceased)

Siblings: Older brother, baby brother, little sister (Names unknown-deceased)

Heritage: Protadon (Father was born in Romania) (Mother was born in Italy)

Friends: Silas

Hobbies: Reading, training, adventures with Silas,

Fears: People close to him dying, heights, being alone, losing his free will

Likes: Reading, sparring, magic, human history, (most) animals

Dislikes: Being helpless, his race, the royal family, war, things coming to an end, letting people down, no free will

Strengths: Magical and physical abilities, sticks to his opinions, loyal to friends and his family, can be serious when needed, very intense and passionate about his interest

Weaknesses: Easily agitated, doesn’t know when to shut up, his brother’s death, stubborn, doesn’t know how to talk about his problems, keeps quite a few things to himself which end up being troublesome for him and his companions in the long run, trouble forgiving people, little things bother him greatly

Character Background: Sebastian and his family lived in Romania until 1999 when they immigrated to Italy. During World War II, Protadons that resided on earth were sent to the camps because they were considered traitors. They were able to escape thanks to Sebastian’s older brother who he’s uncomfortable talking about because he feels guilty for his death. Sebastian and the rest of his family managed to live peacefully until they were ambushed during Sebastian’s coming of age ceremony and Sebastian lost what was left of his family.


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