Meet Silas!

Full Name: Silas Chance Garrison

Age: 14

Birth: July 17, 1999

Sign: Cancer

Height: 62.6” (159.2 cm)

Build: Oval

Hair: Curly, chocolate brown hair

Eyes: Bright green eyes with gold flecks

Parents: Markus (Father), Darcy (Mother-deceased)

Other Family Members: Grandfather (name unknown, father’s side), Grandmother (name unknown, father’s side)

Siblings: Macey Garrison (step-sister)

Heritage: French (Mother) Northern Europe (Father)

Friends: Sebastian, Fernando, Adelina,

Hobbies: Drinking, listening to music, going on adventures with Sebastian, hanging out (rarely) with Fernando and Adelina, reading up on spells and Protadon lore

Fears: Being forgotten, large crowds, ghosts, losing people that he has grown close to, the dark

Likes: Alcohol, adventure, food, music, chick flicks (even though he denies watching them), his close friends

Dislikes: Stupid people, stuff that’s hard to understand, presenting in front of large groups, being left out or forgotten, not knowing stuff

Strengths: Strong opinions, loyal and protective to those who treat him right, doesn’t act rashly and thinks things through, curious, is cautious,

Weaknesses: Gets nervous easily, cares what others think of him, alcoholic, negative thinker, moods vary quite often and can change in an instant, is either too careful or too careless, really emotional, angsty teenager but for good reason

Character Background: Lives in Wallgate, Indiana with his family. He finds that he is neglected by his parents because of his little step-sister, Macey. Acts out often and rarely attends the courses at the local community college he attends. Now, he spends most nights and weekends out and with his ‘friends’. His dad tries to help him, but the damage has been done and Silas has completely distanced himself from the world.



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