Who are they?

Protadons are said to be the Creator’s first creations and once lived on earth alongside mythical creatures that have passed on into legend. They look eerily similar to humans, but have a few distinctive traits that differentiate them. Protadons are said to have silver eyes that seem to glow, and a tattoo on their back that is unique to them.



Protadons are considered a proud race and are just as flawed as humans. However, they don’t see themselves as flawed and in fact see themselves as creatures above humans morally, spiritually, physically and mindfully.

They also possess what they call an Inua. Inuas can be found in every Protadon, mythical creature and any living thing that has a connection to the Prison. Often seen as a blue flame, or blue aura that is visible to those who practice channeling it and by those who strengthen their own Inua. Inuas are what give Protadons their magical abilities and long life.

Protadons are said to have lived to over a hundred thousand years, but no alive Protadon is known to be of that age. The average age for a Protadon is said to be around fifty thousands and very few live to surpass it. Those who do are considered to be wise and often looked to for advice and guidance. While some may see a long life as a blessing, most find it as a curse and a lonely existence. Protadons grow attached to the mystical creatures and sometimes humans they make friends with over their lifetime, but time for them works differently and they always outlive anyone that isn’t their kind. This then forces them to seek out new companions and attempt at not growing attached to whoever they meet.    

Unlike humans who use surnames, Protadons have a symbol that is used to identify their family lineage. However, some family lineages are given a name if they are deemed worthy of one by the creator, or become widely known to the public


Law and order

The prison is under the rule of the Vasilias family lineage and the current king, King Bennar. The title of king or queen is passed down to the eldest son or daughter, and whether the prince or princess agrees with the Vasilias’ ways, they must carry on what the previous successor had done.

The Vasilias family lineage has also established the Black Aliquid; a group of highly trained Protadons that take care of serious crimes and mystical creatures that cause trouble. They are often seen cloaked in all black and wear the Iquid family lineage symbol over their hearts. They wear the Iquid symbol because it is anyone of that family lineage that is to be the leader of the group. Despite the good intentions of creating the Black Aliquid, the group has become quite corrupt as it is directly overseen by the royal family, and has developed ruthless and violent ways of dealing with criminals.  

When it comes to little crimes that are committed in villages and small towns, it is taken care of by the Chief of the village and his associates. Because of this, it is much easier for crimes to go undetected, or for a village to become a free for all.



Their year calendar is divided into fifteen months, each three weeks long. There are eight days in a week: Opus, Puros, Frudos, Hulos, Nundos, Mundos, Curos and Zundos. Their months are not given names, but are just numbered.

Protadons often have two names; their Protadan name and their human name. Their Protadan name is usually made up of one prefix* and one suffix*, while their human name is taken from our languages. Most find being called by their human name as an insult, while others think of it simply as a second name

Before being banished to the Prison, the Protadons worshiped and treated the Creator as their savior. Feeling betrayed and hurt by the Creator after their banishment, the Protadons turned to their King and now worship the Royal Family just as they once did with the Creator. There are now few who are still followers of the Creator.

After their banishment, the Protadons became quite fond of drinking and dancing until dawn on non-working days which are Opus, Hulos and Nundos, and during their biggest celebration; Exilium. Exilium is celebrated during the first month of the year and involves dancing, singing, fairs, big parades, a Distail tournament and a grand masquerade ball on the final day. While some see it as a celebration, others remain solemn during this month for they were banished on this month.

Distail is a sport that is very popular throughout most of the Prison and specifically Megalos, Psarema and Provallo. It is played with two five player teams and a mechanical frisbee disc. The goal of the game is to throw the disc into the opposing team’s goal and score as many points before time runs out. The goal has the appearance of a hyperboloid of one sheet. The goal is held up on its side by a metal post that is seven meters tall. The game goes on for three ninety minute periods and the total amount of points are calculated at the end to determine the winner.

All players must wear their issued black cargo pants, fitted white tank top with their team’s symbol on the front, brown leather gloves and pilot goggles. The player’s pilot goggles must be worn at all times, for the goggles make you temporarily blind and forces you to see the Inuas of the other players, along with the net and the boundaries of the field. The players are also given three glass vials that contain a green gas that can obscure a fellow player’s vision for a short while if inhaled.

Distail is a sport that must be played with caution for there is very little protection provided to the players, and has been the cause of death for many Protadons.

All Protadons speak the same language, Protadan and those who have a strong connection to the Prison are also able to understand it despite never being taught. School in the Prison does not exist, for they believe that it is the parents or guardians responsibility to teach their children. It is found in some cases that there are children who don’t receive any education, and are put in the workforce right away; some don’t even learn how to talk depending on their area of work.  

The time when a Protadon reaches their fifteen thousands birthday is a very important day, for it is when they receive the mark of their family lineage in the form of a tattoo that covers the entirety of their back. While it also shows their family lineage, it can also determine important events that will happen to them in the future. However, because it is written in a language and is shown in drawings no one can understand, it is very hard for it to be deciphered. There are very few that are able to read ones mark, but it is usually the case where the reader is a fake or their fee is much too expensive. If in the rare case that a reader can be provided, then the reader is to be presented at the ceremony and will do the reading at the stroke of midnight.



Protadons have a deep connection with their Inuas and this makes it possible for them to have amazing abilities that some would call magical. One of these abilities would be to use their Inuas’ strength as a weapon. Since Protadons have advanced mechanically, they have found a way to create technology that is powered by their Inuas and don’t need alternative fuels to power them.

To some degree, Protadons may use their Inuas to heal injuries, but the most they can do with their powers is mend a broken bone or cure someone who’s been poisoned. If they did not live in the Prison, then they could do much more, but the world they’ve been banished to has suppressed their magical abilities and what they are capable of.

A quite useful ability is the power to hide someone of their kind. While there are very few that have that power, there are even fewer who can hide multiple people. When a Protadon hides another Protadon, they are able to render them invisible and shield their Inua as well, so they are completely undetectable.  Although, there have been some accounts of Protadons that can hide themselves if they are faced with a life threatening situation.


A Brief History

As stated before, the Protadons were the Creator’s first creation alongside the mystical creatures. It wasn’t long after when the Creator made humans and the animals we know today. The Protadons were given the instructions to help and guide the humans as they matured. However, they were too prideful and many of them refused to bow down and treat the humans as equals. They began to see the humans as creatures beneath them and treated them as slaves.

The Creator soon learned of what the Protadons had done and they were banished, along with the magical creatures to the Prison; an interrelated world that suppresses their magical abilities and is much smaller than Earth. Outraged at what the Creator had done, the Protadons decided to wage war against the humans and started what is to be known as the War of Worlds.

The War of Worlds was a war between two sides; the Protadons that detested the humans and the humans, alongside Protadons that didn’t agree with their kind. The war lasted centuries and neither side was ready to give up. It wasn’t until the Protadons were winning and the humans were starting to get desperate that a change in the tide happened. Knowing that the Protadons had their Inuas and magical abilities as an advantage, they came up with an idea that would win them the war.

With the prisoners of war and the mystical creatures they had captured, the humans drained them of their Inua and had their strongest fighters consume it. They were named Champions and became the first line of defense against the Protadons. With their Champions, the humans had managed to kill or send back into the Prison every enemy Protadon and thus end the war.

Using what strength they had left, the Champions sealed the Prison shut, making it nearly impossible for them to escape, but there were still small openings that they were unable to close. Each of the seven remaining gaps were assigned to a Champion so that they may guard it and eventually their descendants.

Despite under the watchful gaze of the Champions, Protadons have managed to sneak pass them and make their way to the human world. Many influential people and historical figures are or are the descendants of Protadons because of this fact.


*Common Prefixes: a, an, ab, ac, as, ant, ante, ben, bi, co, con, com, de, di, dis, eu, ex, mal, il, im, in, ir, mis, o, ob, oc, op, pro, re, tri, un, se

*Common Suffixes: ble, ac, ade, al, an, ian, ard, ary, cy, dom, ed, eer, ian, emia, en, ent, er, ern, ful, fy, ial, ily, ion, ious, ling, ly, oid, opia, or, sect, sion, th, tion, tude, ty, uar, ular, ure, ware, y


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