The Prison

The Prison is an interrelated world that is much smaller than Earth and the rest of the known universe. It was made by the Creator when the Protadon’s disobeyed his instructions and where he permanently banished them. While the Prison isn’t a horrible place to live, it does however suppress the Protadon’s magical abilities and has been slowly shortening their lifespan

The Prison is divided into five continents: Bal, Megalos, Psarema, Ereipio and Provallo. There are also the Abandoned Isles. 



Bal is the biggest continent and the farthest to the west. It’s a sparsely populated continent because it is the furthest from the capital which is located on Megalos and the expanse of the land is immense.  The north of the continent is cut off by the Kouteli mountain chain that goes horizontally across the entire continent, with the exception for a small pass that is on the east side.

A very long river called the Pingi River goes from the Northern Ocean, through the mountains and down all the way to Valtero and into the Southern Ocean.  There are also three major lakes: Lake Bonegala, Kannot and Maggal.

On the Northeast side of the Pingi River, it’s the Pettal marshlands and the Toppu Valley that leads south to the Evkarpia Plains that resides on the entire east side. On the west side of the continent, it’s covered in dense forests and hosts the main headquarters of the Black Aliquid. the northwest just beyond the headquarters and over the mountains part is an isolated taiga.

Bal is known for it’s hunting due to its wide range of forest, agriculture because of it’s huge plains, and it’s secondary sector, which is supplied by its own primary sector and Psarema’s primary sector. It has three fairly big towns, Skala (the one east of the Pingi River), Valtero (furthest to the south), and Stoel, (the one right by Lake Bonegala). The rest is small villages and the occasional farmer and his family.



On the west hooked point on the edge of a cliff is Milata, the royal city. The city is surrounded by farmland and leads into the Arugot Valley. The north eastern point is the Mazi mining colonies, a series of mines located just where the Eastern Dragon Tail ends. It is quite cold there and is surrounded by pine trees. It only snows lightly on the occasion.

The Eastern and Western Dragon Tails flank the Arugot Valley and they eventually meet on the south end of the valley. There lies what seems like a closed off passage, but is actually the entrance to the Safed District. The Safed District is located in a small gap in the Dragon mountains and is known as the black market. Some call it a safe haven for criminals and wanted men. The district is an unlisted city since the royal family and higher-ups deny its existence. The land around it is pine forests and two lakes (Ergani and Yedi-Pere).

The divide between the poor and the rich is very evident due to the corruption of the royal family and law enforcement. Many people go look for work in Megalos because of its large population and the diverse selection of work, from farming to mining. Besides Megalos, the rest are small communities that are scattered around the continent.



The northwest island situated near Bal, Psarema is a nice spot to relax and live at an easy-going pace. It has three big ports that are right next to a group of four big towns. Because they are so close together, they’ve decided to call the area Gavros. The towns, however, keep their individual names; Kotigala, Kirin, Kuchai and Shtula (in order from north to south). The eastern side is all agriculture fields with a small marsh land called Troulous and a small lake called Evla.

Psarema is known for its agriculture and is the central of the fishing industry. It’s the third most populated continent, but there are not many towns. While there is not much to do there, it is a continent most old folk and Protadons wishing to start families chose to live in.



The northeast island south of the Abandoned Isles, Ereipio is the smaller of the three islands and is actually two island attached together by the Vernar Bridge. there is nothing on the smaller island except the Adupe coastal desert and a small plateau that allows you to access the ruined bridge.  

While it looks virtually impossible to reach the other island, there are secret passages that lead to the bigger island that are used by tomb raiders. The bigger island is a great city that has gone to ruin called Sama. Sama was once the capital of the Prison, but during the War of Worlds the city was said to be burned down by Destin; Sebastian’s ancestor.



The southwest island that is south of Bal and west of Megalos, Provallo, also has two island that are connected by a bridge of the same design as the Vernar Bridge called the Axos Bridge. The bigger island is nothing but chaparral and is sparsely populated, however, there is one notable town called Matsova where a famous healer lives.

The smaller island is the entertainment capital called Arakeri. Many people go there for work whether it’s on stage, or in the background and for huge Distail tournaments. Despite being the second smallest continent, it is the second most populated.


The Abandoned Isles

The Abandoned Isles are five isles that are south of Ereipio and east of the other continents. Each isle once had a temple built in each original Protadon’s honor, but during the war they were abandoned and left to crumble. Those who do dare to cross the seas that have become treacherous over time are said to have received visions from the original Protadons and are blessed with good fortune.



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